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I guess this is going to be big hit.
In fact we have been waiting for this kind of initiative from Lattice for long.

Ru Li

I believe this is an excellent idea to make 3D connections of Lattice talent for innovation. Is this the core idea of FPGA?...flexible routing(connection)...logic cell(Lattice talent)...doing complex things... I really thank those authors for their time. Especially the people who manage this innitiative to keep good ideas flowing.

Ian Palmer

You've created a great blog, which serves your organization well strategically.

I don't see contact information on the site, so I am submitting this comment to invite the Lattice blog contributors/engineers to attend and cover an upcoming event entitled Logic NVM 2007 (

Shawn Toomath

Hi Latticesemi Guru's,
I have obsessed in the fpga world
since 2001. I mean I have spent
time money hours and given up
many ventures, to get a good grip
on this market.

I lived computer science every since I was brought face to face
with Colgate's DEC PDP10-KA. That was 1972, I was just a little shaver then, My friend's dad was one of the NASA Moon programmers he was one the heads at the
computer dept. at Colgate. I was 12 and have been embedded ever since. I had no clue, how fortunate I was to experience such CS in that era. It applies now though, because I do know how fortunate I am to choose Latticesemi architecture as
prime platform as IP2 emerges.

Most Awesome,

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