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The correct way to manage slow edges, is to have Schmitt options on the pin
IP buffers.
Anything else is a kludge.

Bertrand Leigh

Agreed, if we're designing the input buffers from scratch. Since I am an Applications guy, what you can expect from me is the best "kludge" possible for the parts that don't have the input Schmitt trigger. Also keep in mind that there is a speed trade off for any additional feature you put on the buffers.

Simon Jackson

how about a debounce programmable divider?

bertrand leigh

Cleaning up the slow input rise/fall time is the same concept as debouncing an input switch. You can use the same techniques that work for debouncing a switch such as a debounce programmable driver you suggested here. Depending on how slow of a rise/fall time you are trying to clean up, a simple input series resistor with input bus-hold latch may be enough.

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